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Wilfred  hARRIS YONG.

Executive Chairman
Image by Pat Whelen

01 origin

In 1995, Aquateak Group started as a construction company founded by a visionary who switched from civil engineering. Partnering with Madam Koh, a senior banker, strengthened the group financially. Led by the late Ir. Vincent Nicholas Yong, a U.K.-trained civil engineer, the company, formerly Bumi Borneo Pte. Ltd., expanded into engineering and construction. Diversifying into ventures like oil palm plantations and land banking, the founder's smart approach ensured the group's lasting success. In 2016, it passed to Wilfred Harris Yong, marking a new chapter with a legacy of resilience, innovation, and community connection.
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Datuk Wilfred Harris Yong, a Sabah-born La-Sallian, serves as the Executive Chairman of Aquateak Group Malaysia, operating in Real Estate, Oil Palm, and Automobile trading. Beyond traditional businesses, he leads SilverLink, a Fintech company, and founded Belxis Innovation International (HK) Limited, focusing on mainframe migration and AI advertisement in the SEA Region. Holding degrees in law, arts, and an MBA, he started his legal practice, later taking leadership of Aquateak Group.  Acknowledged for his achievements, he received the “Top 10 Most Outstanding Youth Awards” in 2015

Image by Matt Howard

02 milestone



Aquateak Group was established in 1995 as a construction company and ventured into oil palm plantation.



The Group foreseen the potential market for the real estate industry and successfully transform its businesses to several residential mix development.




After building Aquateak Group for more than 20 years, it is now inherited to the current owner in 2016.


Incorporated an IT Company to serve the imminent needs of IT in Malaysia. The IT Company was appointed as the SEA Strategic Partner of a Nasdap Listed Fintech Company.



This year, our business is growing by focusing on automotive importing sector and energy saving. We're exploring new ways and technologies to be more eco-friendly and help the environment while meeting the increasing demand for energy-efficient solutions.

03 Vision & mission

Datuk Wilfred Harris Yong is presently engaged in a strategic mission to optimize the resources within the Aquateak group, with a primary focus on orchestrating a targeted expansion into the Chinese market. This initiative capitalizes on the advantages afforded by the One Belt One Road policy.

Concurrently, he envisions fortifying the group's intellectual capital by actively recruiting a cadre of dynamic and youthful talents. Looking towards the future, the roadmap entails orchestrating the group's public debut through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE). This calculated maneuver is designed to secure additional capital, specifically earmarked to propel the vigorous growth trajectory of the IT arm, recognizing its substantial potential within the burgeoning South East Asia market.
Vision & Mission
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