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Our Story

The Aquateak Group was originally founded as a construction company after the founder quit his professional civil engineering practice in 1995. The founder married Madam Koh who had served HSBC for more than 33 years as a senior banker. Madam Koh has been the financial advisor of Aquateak Group since inception.

The Founder accumulated his wealth initially through construction projects and thereafter ventured into oil palm plantation and land banking. 

After building Aquateak Group for more than 20 years,  it is now inherited by the late Vincent's only child, Wilfred Harris Yong in 2016. 

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Our History

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In 1890, the Yong family, originated from Kai Ping (开平) region of Jiang Men (江门), Guangdong migrated to Sabah (沙巴), East Malaysia (formerly Known as North Borneo (北婆罗洲). Wilfred’s grandfather married a native Dusun woman, and in result tied the Yong's family bond closer to the local Sabahan natives.


Having a long-lasting, trustworthy connection with the locals for more than 100 years, the late Ir. Vincent Nicholas Yong, a U.K.-trained chartered civil engineer, founded Aquateak Group formerly known as , Bumi Borneo Pte.Ltd., the  company that ventured into engineering and construction businesses in 1995.

Our Vision and Mission

Today, the Aquateak Group story continues with Wilfred Harris Yong, the only son of the late Ir. Vincent Nicholas Yong who passed away on his birthday and Fathers’ Day on 19th June 2016 at the age of 72.


Wilfred took on the leadership of the group after the passing of his father, with whom he worked side-by-side for many years in growing the enterprise. Also a graduate from the United Kingdom, Wilfred is an outstanding lawyer and a Master in Business Administration holder from U.S. and Tsinghua University Master in Finance holder.

Wilfred's immediate mission is to consolidate the Aquateak group's resources and focus in expanding the group into China by taking full advantage of the one belt one road policy. Wilfred also envision to expand the human resource capital of the group by recruiting  more younger talent and eventually IPO the group in the HKSE to attract more capitals for the intensive growth of the IT arm  which has a huge potential in South East Asia market. 

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