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Group overview

The Overview

The company's name, Aquateak, is an elegant combination of the two signature elements of Sabah: Water and Nature. Sabah is located on the world's third largest island and home to some of the most biodiverse and ecologically important coral reefs on earth (hence, "Aqua") whilst also being known for having one of the world's oldest and biologically rich rainforests (hence, "teak").  


The Aquateak Group was initially founded as a construction company after the founder retired from his professional civil engineering practice. Since then, the company has expanded into a diverse range of products and services, becoming a leader in the agriculture sector (palm oil), real estate, hospitality, and financial technology services.


Real Estate – Sabah

With real estate investment holdings already built up in several countries, Aquateak Group returned to its origins in Sabah, which is known to be the “Paradise of Borneo”.


Since the 2010s, Aquateak Group had expanded its growth in commercial and high-end residential mixed developments. The group's real estate headquarters is located in the heart of Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Sabah.

Real estate

Information Technology

Aside from engaging in the conventional business for the past 25 years, the group saw an exponential growth within the Information Technology (IT) industry in a global context. Noticing that Shenzhen, China has been striving towards becoming the Silicon Valley of Asia, Aquateak Group decided to keep up the pace with the global business trend and ventured into the IT industry.


In 2019 Aquateak Group has set up an IT company to venture into cloud ERP and the Fintech related solutions in Shenzhen via Belxis Innovation (HK) Limited in Hong Kong. Its Executive Chairman, Wilfred Harris Yong is also currently the Tsinghua HK Fintech Club Vice Chairman, and was formerly the Executive Director of Silverlake Innovation Partners (Malaysia) and South East Asia Managing Director for 9F, a company listed in Nasdaq (JFU).

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Our Journey

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